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House: I want you to get a skin sample for a biopsy.

Cameron: And I wanna get a foot massage from Johnny Damon.

House: [Walking towards the desk.] Kawasaki’s disease, lymphoma, and sarcoidosis are all treatable.

Cameron: And it could be a hundred other things that aren’t treatable. You have no idea.

House: But you do; you know everything.

Cameron: I didn’t say that I -

House: [Slams cane down on desk.] Exactly! You can’t decide if we’re helping or hurting him; if he’s good or bad; or if you want paper, plastic, or a burlap sack. Do your damn job. [House starts to leave.]

Cameron: I’m not gonna lie to him.

House: Fine, tell the truth. Just get me a pound of flesh.

Informed Consent, S3
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Meaning, S3
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Que Sera Sera, S3
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House: I'm proud of you.

Informed Consent, S3
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The Honeymoon, S1
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House: Why did I fire you again?

Cameron: You didn't. I quit.

Locked In, S5
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Guardian Angels, S4
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Role Model, S1
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Sports Medicine, S1
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No Reason, S2
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Everybody Dies, S8
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Paternity (1) photo tumblr_lywllcuE6b1qj3v18o1_250.gifPaternity (2) photo tumblr_lywllcuE6b1qj3v18o3_250.gif
 photo tumblr_lywllcuE6b1qj3v18o4_250.gifPaternity (4) photo tumblr_lywllcuE6b1qj3v18o2_250.gif

Paternity, S1
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The Right Stuff, S4